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We have a passion for Rider and the flip flop lifestyle – in a busy world everyone could do with a little more flip flop in their lives. We found the flip flop and sandal market full of either low priced, low quality flip flops of questionable origin or good quality at prices we didn’t like. The Rider flip flop range for guys and gals offers quality design and construction at a reasonable price – the best of both worlds

“I want to enjoy the ride, not merely get there”.
In the approach to 2016, Rider will be on the feet of those for whom the world has no limits. Rider is for those who live the urban life, its design and comfort are outstanding. Originally created for mainly for men, this leading brand was born in 1986. Since then it has become much loved in Brazil and abroad with men’s, women’s and children’s sandals and flip flops. Rider looks to extreme sports and authentic outdoor activities for inspiration in developing its products.

Rider’s designs incorporate high tech material and construction, further accentuating the feeling of freedom with bold but always comfortable design, perfectly manufactured to go well with the daily look.

If like us you live in flip flops and want something with a different slant on design, which comes from a fresh culture with a long history for flair, fun and individuality, enjoy buying things which last more than five minutes safe in the knowledge that it's been made by an adult who enjoys his workplace, is paid fairly, working normal hours and takes pride in what he does then you need Rider flip flops!